Tree Removal & Pruning Perth

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are members of the International Society of Arborists. Because we genuinely care about the health and appearance of the trees that we work with, and are committed to completing all work to the exacting standards of the ISA, you can rely on us to do a superb job every time. We offer a full range of services including tree removal Perth, pruning and shaping, crown reduction, fenceline clearances, tree risk assessment and more.

Based in Willagee, Perth, a few kilometres from the Swan River, we have many clients both in the city and across Western Australia. We offer competitively priced, professional tree trimming and tree removal services to clients in neighbouring suburbs, such as Melville, Myaree and O’ Connor, as well as those living further afield. We can help you to keep trees under control, whether in your garden, a public park or commercial property, without compromising their health.

Perth-Based Tree Care Experts Discouraging Lopping

As mentioned above, we are opposed to lopping because this practice is known to cause damage to trees, including issues that can be terminal. This practice drastically reduces the height of the tree specimens, by removing a large percentage of the crown. This affects a tree’s ability to manufacture food and protect its bark from the sun’s rays.

Rather than destroying trees using this method, we engage in practices that enhance the appearance of trees without damaging them in any way. As a skilled tree removalist, we can also take away any specimens that have outgrown their existing surroundings or are causing a nuisance by encroaching on neighbouring properties. We can help you to landscape outdoor spaces quickly and efficiently.