About ArborComm

Trees are a vital part of our communities, they benefit us in a myriad of ways, including;

1. Environmental – improvements to air and water quality, animal food and shelter, noise abatement, reductions in soil erosion and of course shade.

2. Aesthetic – they soften hard urban structures and add beauty through foliage and flowers.

3. Social – calming of anxiety common to urban environments and improvements to physical and mental health.

4. Economic – through reduction in heating and cooling costs and by adding value to property.

As much as trees are responsible for benefit to the community, they are equally capable of causing massive damage if not managed properly. They can also be the cause of many disagreements between neighbours.

All too often we leave the management of this resource to individuals and companies who care more about their bank accounts than doing what’s right by both the tree and the customer.

There are a number of common tree management practices that belong back in the dark ages still being committed against trees in our communities.

ArborComm are here to offer you a better way to care for your trees and ensure that you get maximum value from these wonderful assets.

We promise to offer you the right advice when appraising your trees, even if it means we walk away without a cent because we’ve advised you to do absolutely nothing.

We are members of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and as such, we must uphold their very high standards of practice within the industry. For more information on the ISA please click here.

Whatever it is that your trees need, ArborComm is dedicated to providing you with expert advice and service. Our priority is to see the best possible result for our clients and their trees.

So don’t trust your trees to the cowboys, let ArborComm assess them and work through the best possible solutions to suit your requirements, and your neighbours.

Furthermore, quality doesn’t come at an inflated price. We rarely miss out on jobs through price, not because our hourly rate is cheaper but simply because we work harder and get more done in a shorter time.

We look forward to speaking with you when you next need some tree work done. Don’t call the ‘tree loppers’ call ArborComm.


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