Fenceline Clearances

If there is one thing that causes more arguments between neighbours than anything else, it is trees that overhang property boundary lines. What might appear to you to be a beautiful tree that enhances the appearance of your land could in fact be nothing more than a nuisance that causes blocked gutters and drains to your neighbour. Fallen leaves are a fact of life and have to be dealt with every year but when you are dealing with someone else’s leaves, it can be hard to maintain a philosophical attitude toward the task at hand. If you are trying to deal with a tree that is causing such issues between you and a neighbour, you might be interested in taking advantage of our very affordable boundary clearanceservice. We have completed many fenceline clearances in the past and have found that they provide a mutually agreeable solution to what can sometimes be a very tricky problem.

A Solution that Works in the Long Term

Local bylaws may state that a property owner has the right to cut off any offending branches that are overhanging a boundary line but in our experience this often causes more issues than it solves. Firstly, nobody is going to take kindly to having their tree pruned in such an arbitrary manner and secondly, the resulting epicormic branches that can grow from the point of the cut just make the situation worse. We can prune trees that are causing problems in such a way as to ensure that this does not happen and without spoiling the natural beauty of the specimens in question. Make sure that you maintain friendly relations with your neighbours by calling to enquire about fenceline clearances today. We are standing by waiting for your call and will be delighted to help in any way we can.