Photo Gallery

Removal of a dead eucalypt
Removal of a dead eucalypt
Removing seed pods from a queen palm
You should time the trimming of your palms by the new seed pods.
When they have reached full size but have yet to open is the ideal
time to avoid the mess of falling seeds.
Removal of a small Norfolk pine
Some trees are just planted in the wrong place. This Norfolk pine
was planted only 2 metres from the house in a very narrow yard of
a rear block. Had it been allowed to reach maturity it could have
caused massive problems and been very expensive to remove. But
taking early action meant a very cheap solution to future problems.
Palm Pruning
Note the tree steps that Nic is using here. The vast majority of
companies will climb your palms with ‘spikes’ that leave open
wounds on the tree that are not only disease entry points but also
very unattractive. Our steps do not mark the tree and also improve
the safety aspect of climbing.
Before & after selective pruning
In these ‘before & after’ shots it is easy to see that the tree has
been improved aesthetically, it doesn’t necessarily follow however
that the health of the tree has been improved. Any pruning must
be very seriously assessed before being undertaken.
Before & after fenceline clearance
The 2 photographs above are of the same tree before and after
we performed a fenceline clearance for a customer. The correct
pruning technique minimises the chance of the tree re-entering
the space previously occupied.Whereas incorrect pruning will
almost certainly mean the problem is exacerbated in the future.

Total Tree Removal – The Dismantling Process

The series of 4 photographs below show Nic in the process of
dismantling a lemon scented gum. The typical process followed
is to remove lateral limbs from the base upward. Once all limbs
have been removed the trunk is then dismantled on the way
back down.

Setting the work ropes
Remove lower limbs first
The last of the limbs
Now for the trunk

Stump Grinding – All Stumps – 0400 332 688

Ivan – Removing a stump with his small grinder
Ivans truck & grinders
We strongly recommend the removal of all stumps after a tree has been felled. Leaving the stump behind is not only a hazard in the yard but may attract white ants and other pests in for a feed. It also ensures that the tree will not re-shoot and allows you to either grow grass over the area or pave there. We utilise the services of Ivan from ‘All Stumps’ for this part of the job, we don’t charge anything on top of his fee and we are more than happy for you to deal directly with Ivan if you prefer to do so. His number is listed above.