Powerline Clearances

As a Western Power approved arborist, we stay up to date with the very latest regulations in force and canhelp you to ensure that the trees on your property do not cause any issues with nearby powerlines. The rules concerning the threshold over which a tree is not allowed to infringe can be difficult for homeowners to interpret but with our help you can rest assured that never again will you incur the wrath of the local power company owing to the trees growing on your land. In addition to ensuring that you are not in conflict with the latest regulations, we will prune your trees in such a way as to avoid the possibility of any such problems arising in the future.

Safe and Effective

We provide a full range of services, including pruning, shaping, crown reduction, trimming and tree removal. Our position as fully qualified and highly skilled arborists ensures that we are able to complete powerline clearances in a safe and effective manner, no matter how far the offending trees may be over the threshold or how near they are to your property. We have successfully completed many such jobs in the past and look forward to completing many more in the future.

A Competitively Priced Service

You might think that hiring the best arborists in the area is going to cost you a fortune but you would be mistaken. Whilst our hourly rates reflect the skills and experience that we possess, the fact that we are able to complete most jobs more quickly and efficiently than the competition means that our powerline clearances often work out to be less expensive. Make sure that you get the job done properly and at an attractive price by calling the experts now!