We are always keen to save trees rather than remove them completely but as experienced professionals we know that this is not always possible. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, owing to disease, pests, potential risk to the safety of your property or simply because it is in the way, we will be more than happy to carry out the necessary work on your behalf. Our tree removal service covers specimens up to 25 metres in height but if you have a larger tree that needs to be removed, please don’t hesitate to call as we can refer you to another specialist company in the event that we are not able to carry out the work ourselves.

Safe & Tidy Removals

When we are performing a tree removal, you can rely on us to carry out the necessary work safely and to ensure that the job is completed without any damage to your property. Furthermore, we always ensure that there is no debris left behind after we have finished. Whether you call us to remove a tree from a small, suburban back garden or a large plot of land in a more remote area, we will leave your property neat and tidy, ready for you to enjoy.

Evaluating the Alternatives

If you are not sure whether a particular tree or group of trees actually needs removing, we can carry out a thorough safety assessment and advise you of your options. Our in-depth knowledge and experience, along with our status as licenced Quantified Tree Risk Assessment practitioners, means that you can trust us to make a sound, unbiased judgement every single time. We have established an enviable reputation in WA for providing 100% accurate advice and a first-class tree removal service.