Stump Grinding

To ensure that we are able to provide our clients in Western Australia with the very best level of service possible, whatever their needs may be, we have always usedexperienced contractors when necessary. Although we are highly skilled arborists and take great pride in the work that we do, we are happy to admit that there are certain areas in which others excel and we will hire them to work with us whenever the need arises. As an experienced professional who specialises in stump grinding, Ivan is one such contractor: we are completely satisfied that he is the very best man for the job and have absolute faith in his abilities. If you call us to enquire about having a tree stump ground out, it is Ivan that we will send to carry out the work.

Do I Really Need This Service?

If you have had a tree removed because it was in the way or was posing a danger to your property, you may well think that there is no need to have the stump removed as well. However, if you have plans to lay turf in the area or you would like to turn it into a flowerbed at some point in the future, we recommend that you take advantage of our stump grinding service for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Firstly, leaving a stump in the ground can lead to problems with fungal infections at a later date, which could affect any flowering plants or shrubs that are grown near to the stump. Secondly, it will be impossible to produce a level surface when turfing over a stump or creating a new flowerbed, unless you first have it ground out by a qualified professional. Call us today to finds out more about this service or to request a quotation.