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As ‘Professional Members’ of the International Society of Arborists (ISA) we are bound by their ‘Code of Conduct’ which ensures that its members abide by the most stringent of tree care philosophies and practices within the industry. The procedures that we utilise for pruning are the result of years of study into the effects that different pruning techniques have on the immediate and future health of a tree.

The majority of modern arboricultural practices evolved from the 10’s of thousands of studies carried out by Dr Alex Shigo, the ‘Father of Modern Arboriculture’. Dr Shigo’s studies showed that a large number of existing tree pruning practices were not only of little benefit but were in fact, in many cases, detrimental to the trees wellbeing.

Unfortunately a number of these practices continue today despite the fact that the perpetrators know only too well that they are causing injury to the tree. They willingly choose to carry out these practices for financial gain only, because in many circumstances their initial work will ensure that the tree needs further work at a later date.

‘Lopping’ is the most common and possibly the worst of these practices, the long term effects of this practice are disastrous for a tree and render the tree a real hazard to people and property. If the tree company you employ is happy to carry out this practice, you need to look for another one.

Rather than try to reproduce here what has been covered much better elsewhere, we have provided links to the latest and best available information on tree care to be found on the net. We hope that you will take the time to browse some of these pages and the invaluable information they contain.

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