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ArborComm provides specialist tree management services in Perth and surrounding areas. Our team is fully qualified and accredited to handle any sort of flora-related issues without resorting to lopping. From canopy trimming to stump removal, we can help you deal with a range of problems in a safe, efficient manner.

Our main speciality is the removal of any trees or branches that you do not want. Those seeking a tree removalist in Perth need look no further than our qualified experts. Whether your flora is diseased or causing a neighbourly dispute, we can get rid of it with minimal fuss.

We can also assist with fence and powerline clearance. However, instead of merely sending around a lopper, our arborist will safely ensure the tree remains clear of your neighbour's property or overhanging electrical cables. For trimming, pruning or any other tree removal solutions, please contact our experienced team of experts today.

Pruning & Shaping
We will always where possible encourage pruning and shaping of trees over complete removal. Whether the aim is to reduce the size of a tree for whatever reason or simply improve its appearance, it takes a trained professional to assess the tree and Read More...
Whilst our preference is to see as many trees retained as possible, there are of course numerous reasons why some trees just have to be removed. Some are just in the wrong place, others are virtual environmental pests, they may be diseased Read More...
Stump Grinding
We utilise the services of a contractor to do our stump grinding. Ivan from 'All Stumps' has taken good care of us in this regard for several years now and we have complete faith in his services.Some stumps can't be ground out because of their location, but Read More...
Fenceline Clearances
Not everybody sees a tree in the same light and they are directly responsible for more arguments between neighbours than any other single issue. Whether it's having to clean up 'somebody elses' leaves, blocked gutters or broken sewers, trees make for Read More...
Powerline Clearances
Trees and powerlines just don't mix and Western Power have become increasingly vigilant in their enforcement of powerline clearance regulations. We are Western Power approved for clearance of most suburban street powerlines and well and truly Read More...
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Tree Risk Assessment
Jon is a licensed practitioner of the 'Quantified Tree Risk Assessment System'. This system allows us to evaluate all of the necessary variables to establish whether a 'group' or an 'individual tree' requires remedial action or removal. If you have Read More...